Would you like to get more involved at school?
The Franklin PTA is currently filling positions for next year. If you are interested in any of the below positions, or just finding out more information about them, please contact our Nominating Committee at nomcom@mybenfranklinpta.org

OPEN POSITIONS for 2018-2019
Art Docent Lead
Cultural Liaison Lead
Bulletin Board Chairperson
Reader Board Chairperson
Volunteer Coordinator
Yearbook Chairperson
Running Club Chairperson
Spirit Wear Chairperson
Walk-to-School Week Chairperson

5th Grade Gardening Club looking for parent volunteers
Several 5th grade students have formed a gardening club and are looking for parent volunteers to work with them during their 2.20pm recess on Mondays and Fridays until the end of the school year. The goal is to improve the Franklin Garden area for fellow and future students to enjoy. You must be an approved volunteer to participate. To volunteer, please email health@mybenfranklinpta.org.

You can now order your School Supplies for the 2018-19 school year
Our PTA is offering the option to order next year's school supplies online through School Toolbox. They will be delivered to the school in time for Meet & Greet in August. All supplies are name brand and offered at a 10% discount with no cost for shipping. Supplies will come assembled in a kit with your child's name on it. All orders are due by Friday, June 22. This is an optional service; you may continue to purchase your supplies independently if you prefer. 

Step-by-step ordering instructions:
1.  Go to www.schooltoolbox.com
2.  Enter 98033 as the zip code to find "Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Kirkland, WA"
3.  Select a box based on the grade your child will enter in the fall
4.  You can checkout without creating an account
5.  Be sure to click "Place My Order" before exiting the site

Thank you for a great year!
Thank you to all of our PTA members and volunteers! Your countless hours of volunteering and generous donations truly made a difference in our children's lives this year. Here are several examples of additional programs the PTA funded to enrich student education:
* The Museum of Flight erected a Mobile Planetarium for 1st & 5th graders
* The Museum of Flight brought in its Robot Garage for 5th graders
* Nature Vision taught our 1st graders all about Water Cycle Terrariums, our 2nd graders about Watershed Ecosystems and our 5th graders about Global Water Crisis
* The toy maker taught our 2nd graders about Balance & Motion and 3rd graders about the Physics of Sound
* We brought in an Artist in Residence to teach Acrylic Painting Techniques and Color Theory to all K-5th grades
* We funded the 2nd grade team to attend the Marcy Cook Math Workshop
* We funded math licenses for all grades
* We funded classroom libraries for new teachers & 4th graders
* We supplemented part of the cost for 5th grade camp
* We purchased an Adaptive Tricycle and iPad for the Learning Center
* We funded garden boxes and necessary gardening supplies for the Learning Center to start an ongoing community gardening project
* We purchased 10 new Netbooks for the Library in December, and will be purchasing approximately 10-15 more over the summer.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer break and we look forward to the start of another great school year in September!

School News

We need some spare pants for the Health Room
The health room is running low on pants for the younger grades. We would love pants that your kids have outgrown – sizes 4-7 only. Please don’t send in jeggings or skinny pants.