Staff Appreciation Week 
It's Staff Appreciation Week this week. This is an event held annually to honor and appreciate teachers for their contributions to education and the lives of our children. This year, the PTA has decided to spice things up by bringing the wizarding world to our school with a number of Harry Potter-themed activities. Students are highly encouraged to join in by following these rough guidelines. As well, please feel free to honor your child’s favorite teacher or staff member in your own way.
Wednesday May 9 – WWHPD What Would Harry Potter Do?
Bring a special note to teacher/staff, sample questions are below. Have your student choose one or more of the questions below (or come up with questions of their own if your child is not a Harry Potter fan) and write it on a piece of 8.5 x 11" paper. Then answer the question, decorate the page and give it to their teacher/staff. 
Sample questions:
1. Which character from the Harry Potter series does your teacher/staff remind you of and why?
2. Which one of the four houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin) do you and your teacher belong to and why?
3. Harry has an owl, Hermione has a cat and Ron has a rat as their pets. Which pet does your teacher like or you think they like, and why?
4. Hermione likes books. What is your favorite book that you would like to read to your teacher? 
Thursday May 10 - The Book of Wishes
Students can bring a gift card and/or refer to the 'Staff Favorites" Page found in the 'About Us' section on the Franklin website or at the link below, for treat ideas:
Friday May 11 - A Feast in the Great Hall
Saffron - a local chef and Franklin mom - will prepare and serve a delicious Harry Potter-themed feast to the staff. 
Thanks to all of you for taking time to make this an exciting week for our teachers and staff!

Yearbooks on sale now - ONLINE only
2017-2018 Ben Franklin Yearbooks are on sale now until May 11. Yearbooks will ONLY be sold ONLINE. You must order at The yearbook ID code is 2069718. Do not miss the May 11 deadline! There will be no other way to purchase a yearbook if you miss the May 11 deadline. Yearbooks will be delivered during the last week of school.

It's award time 
Each year our PTA awards our outstanding volunteers with our Golden Acorn, Golden Eagle and Rising Star awards. We also award one Franklinstaff member the Educator of the Year award. All awards are given at the Volunteer Tea on May 31 but we need your nominations! It only takes a couple minutes to nominate someone. Please click here to make your nominations by May 18.

Would you like to get more involved?
The PTA is currently filling positions for next year. If you are interested in any of the below positions, or just finding out more information about them, please contact our Nominating Committee
OPEN POSITIONS for 2018-2019
Art Docent Lead
Cultural Liaison Lead
Bulletin Board Chairperson
Reader Board Chairperson
Volunteer Coordinator
Yearbook Chairperson
Running Club Chairperson
Spirit Wear Chairperson
Walk-to-School Week Chairperson

School News
We need your help
We are looking for parents to be extra eyes and ears at recess and lunch during our SBA testing days. If you help at recess you get the bonus of wearing a stylish orange safety vest and carrying a walkie talkie! The dates are May 9, 10, 18, 22, 23, 29 and 30. The times are 10.20-10.50am,11.30am-12.30pm, or 12pm-1pm. Any of these dates and times you are available will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Lori Neumann

Book Fair Volunteers 
It looks like Scholastic is able to work with our Library to do a book fair in June and we are looking for volunteers. If you are able to volunteer on any of these dates and times, please email Mrs. Clawson at
June 4 – 11.30am-1pm: Help set up
June 6 – 2-5pm: Help during sale hours; monitor, restock, answer questions
June 7 – 3.30-5pm: Help during sale hours; monitor, restock, answer questions
June 8 – 7.30-9am: Help during sale hours; monitor, restock, answer questions
June 8 – 9-11.30am: Packing up.

We need some spare pants for the Health Room
The health room is running low on pants for the younger grades. We would love pants that your kids have outgrown – sizes 4-7 only. Please don’t send in jeggings or skinny pants.

Community News
Kite Outdoor Stem Challenge
Love a good puzzle? The KITE STEM Challenge is a three-week competition open to all K-12 students within the LWSD. Cash prizes totaling $40,000 will be distributed to the winning schools. The competition promotes STEM education while simultaneously encouraging students to get outside and enjoy Kirkland Parks. Students or parents can sign up now at and start playing today. The challenge ends on Sunday, May 13. If a student doesn’t have a smartphone for the KITE STEM Challenge app, they are welcome to use a family member’s device. Ready, Set, STEM.

Jump rope community show
Hotdog USA is celebrating 38 years as a competitive jump rope team with a Community Show on Saturday, May 19 featuring some students from BenFranklin. They will perform an exciting show complete with music, jump rope tricks and national and world champions jumpers. Join in the fun onSaturday, May 19 from 6.30-8pm at Kamiakin Middle School, 14111 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland.